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S. I. Focus – A Sensory Integration Magazine

Did you know there is a magazine devoted exclusively to sensory integration/sensory processing issues? S.I. Focus is a quarterly magazine that covers the latest sensory news, product and book reviews, and advice from medical experts and parents.

Founder and publisher Kathleen E. Morris is a pediatric speech therapist who is the Executive Director of two sensory clinics in Texas. Morris is passionate about providing sensory integration information to families, teachers, and other professionals. She founded the magazine to meet her goal of educating a greater number of people about the condition.

The magazine’s Editor-in-Chief is Carol Kranowitz, the author of The Out-of-Sync Child, the bestselling book that has helped so many families understand and cope with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Special Offer for Shop Sensory Readers!

S.I. Focus is giving Shop Sensory readers a year subscription for only$10 from now until the end of the year (Not an affiliate program, just a perk for our readers. Simply email your subscription request to Editor(at)SIFocus(dot)com and mention you heard about the magazine on Shop Sensory. With your subscription you also receive the magazine’s monthly newsletter.

S.I. Focus, published four times per year, has been recognized by the Association for Marketing and Communication Specialists, which awarded S.I. Focus two of its MarCom Gold awards for creative design and content. Here is some additional information about S.I. Focus:

“S.I. Focus magazine is the first of its kind serving as an international resource to parents and professionals who want to stay informed regarding how to improve sensory integration and how to address sensory processing deficits. Four issues per year will provide quality information written by leading people in the field as well as parents with insight into the topic. Become knowledgeable in the latest research, products, and recommendations by experts. Enjoy a wealth of information regarding books, conferences, websites, personal experiences and articles that enlighten, encourage and empower.”

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