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A Labyrinth for Calming Stress Relief

I recently picked up a pewter labyrinth, like the one pictured here, for J. Walking a  labyrinth is said to calm and inspire confidence, but tracing the path of a labyrinth with your finger or a tool can serve the same purpose. One source I found claims: “It holds a quiet, safe place for the intuitive, symbolic mind to come forth and be more present than it may ever get a chance to be.”

No matter what, I figure it’s fun (J LOVES mazes), and it promotes focus & fine motor skills. Win! J does seem to calm when she’s doing this, so that’s an added bonus! Finally, it’s a great quiet activity for restaurants, doctor’s offices, etc. that’s easy to slip into a bag or purse.

The one we have (pictured above) is a replica of the walking labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France that was built around 1200! I’d love to visit someday to walk the real thing.

If you’re in San Francisco, you can walk a real labyrinth here! You can also print out a paper finger labyrinth for free at Lessons 4 Living.

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