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Protect Little Ears at Concerts, Fireworks and Noisy Events

The first time we took my son to a Disney on Ice production, he covered his ears and wailed, terrified by the loud noise.  He ended up enjoying some of it, but for the most part he had his hands over his ears.  It was anything but comfortable.

Then, earlier this year, we took him to a Monster Truck Rally and brought along some big noise cancelling ear muffs.  I don’t know why it had never occurred to me before.  He felt safe and secure with them on and had a blast.  Since then, we’ve brought them along for loud events, a hockey game, fireworks and more.  I definitely recommend having these on hand if you have a child with noise sensitivities or if you’re going to be attending a loud event like a car race or fireworks display.

You can find them at your local hardware store or online.  Our affiliate Amazon.com carries these Peltor Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs for Kids in pink and blue for under $15.

2 comments to Protect Little Ears at Concerts, Fireworks and Noisy Events

  • MamaPickles

    My son uses these at Mass on Sunday. He loves to be at Mass, but the organ is just too loud for him. He wears these and it dampens the noises just enough for him. He can still hear what’s going on and participate. They have mad going to Mass enjoyable again.

  • I love this idea. Who said ear muffs are just to protect them against the cold. I saw a recent article were they are using them on children during class time, to help the focus more.

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