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A Labyrinth for Calming Stress Relief

labyrinth toy for stress relief

I recently picked up a pewter labyrinth, like the one pictured here, for J. Walking a  labyrinth is said to calm and inspire confidence, but tracing the path of a labyrinth with your finger or a tool can serve the same purpose. One source I found claims: “It holds a quiet, safe place for the intuitive, symbolic mind to come forth and be more present than it may ever get a chance to be.”

No matter what, I figure

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Chewable Necklace Giveaway


I love highlighting innovative therapeutic kids toys.  Kid Companions jewelry is one of the coolest things I’ve come across recently. Children with a variety of developmental and emotional issues can benefit from Kid Companions “chewelry.”  This unique pendant offer kids something to fidget with and chew on.

Pierrette d’Entremont noticed that her daughter, with Tourette Syndrome, SPD and OCD, very much appreciated a heart pendant she had made for her teething sister. She could fidget to focus

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